How Does The Public Feel About Your Police Department?

Police officers

All police departments are not created equal.  The public perception of a police department has a lot to do with that department’s image. How sharp are the officers?  How does your department’s image make citizens feel? How polished and accessible do the chief and command staff appear?  In the public’s mind, perception is reality.

If you had the advanced tools to communicate more effectively during any situation, recruit the best and the brightest employees based on your department’s image, and silence your critics through excellence, would these tools be valuable to your legacy and long-term success?

The new handbook, The A-Team: How to Be a Top Police Department In Recruiting, Training & Retaining Employees  includes:


  • Introduction
  • The Changing Dynamics of the World
  • Determining and Meeting the Self-Interests of Police Applicants
  • Crafting Your Recruitment Message
  • 3 Ways of Changing Someone’s Mind Using the Strategies of Charismatic Leaders
  • Best Practices for Using Charisma to Speak More Persuasively and Effectively at Job Fairs
  • Referral Programs Through Social Media and Other Connections


  • Police Motivational Training
  • Effective Onboarding for New Employee Orientation
  • Increasing Workplace Productivity and Morale


  • Police Recruitment and Diversity
  • Same Game, Different Sectors
  • What Employees Want
  • Departmental Loyalty

Officer-Centric Versus Autocratic Styles of Management.

  •      Community Oriented Policing (COP) and CompStat
  •      Demographics
  •      Command Staffs’ Statements
  •      Conclusions
  •      Strengths of the Study
  •      Limitations
  •      Implications
  •      Directions for Future Research


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About the Author

Edward Brown, M.S., is a researcher and lead instructor for Core Edge Police Professional Development.  Ed is a former Atlanta police officer and has trained command staff and supervisors throughout the U.S. on communication and leadership development skills.

He has advanced legal training from the University of Dayton School of Law and a master’s degree from Mercer University in Public Safety Leadership.

Ed is the author of nine books including: A Badge Without Blemish: Avoiding Police Corruption and The Secrets to Communicating Effectively with Police Officers


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